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  • You can prepare remotely and get the CDL permit.

  • We especially developed a system for those who do not know English well.

  • You can do all the training courses online!

  • Prepare and be ready for the exams at the DMV in just one week!

Relax in Florida and get a CDL license


Why choose us?

Since 1998 we have trained thousands of people
We have the lowest price

We provide funding for training 
Russian speaking instructors
Comfortable accommodation provided

Meeting at the airport 
Not expensive car rental
Unique simulators
Distance learning

Support and assistance of a lawyer after graduation


100% guarantee of obtaining CDL rights

Don't speak English - no problem. Teachers prepare for successful delivery anyway.

Truck driver candidate showing CDL driving license for transportation vehicles. Successful

Our specialists fully assist and assist our students in the preparation and passing of exams.

Our mission is to provide our students with a high quality education that will enable them to be professional and safe truck drivers.

We help our students to acquire all the skills of high-quality teaching and to practice the acquired knowledge in practice.

The result is our students are professional drivers!
The training takes up to 3 weeks and is conducted in Florida.
Tuition fees include accommodation.

Some benefits  CDL drivers

Permanent work


Flexible working hours


The ability to travel throughout the country


Competitive wages 


and more!

If you are interested, then remember the phone number: 954-288-9240

A new career awaits you, your path to freedom. Make your choice.


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